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Seniors Ages 12-18

Previous training is not required. Our Seniors class is for students who want to take the next step into performing. Whether they are thinking about a future in the arts or simply just enjoy being part of a production, APA Seniors takes all the skills and techniques already acheived to the next level. 

Encouraging passion, enthusiasm and expression; creating the leading actors and actresses of the future. Seniors is suitable for students in secondary education.


Each session is 1hour 30mins, with each week rotating skill sets of acting, dancing and singing. Our classes will focus on technique, stage craft and overall performance.


We also offer masterclasses throughout the term, where students are given the opportunity to learn more advanced skills, focusing on one discipline with a specialist.


Fees (price based on a 10 week term):

£125 - £130 (depending on class location) 

Tuesday, 18.00 

St Mary's Hall, TW16 6RN

Wednesday, 17.30

St Thomas' Church, SW2 4XW


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